Cassidy Pry portrays St. Kateri and Joel Farkas presents Revolutionary Women

Opening the night is Cassidy Pry, Sparta High Senior, who will portray St. Kateri, Lily of the Mohawks.  Cassidy enjoys robotics, teaching French and singing in two choirs.  She has been part of a professional acting group and played the role of Annie in the PaperMill Playhouse performances.  

Following, Joel Farkas will present his program entitled "Celebrating Women: Before, During & After the American Revolution".  This lecture is about matriarchal and patriarchal societies from Native American to European - comparing matriarchal (then) and patriarcal (now).  He will emphasize 25 historical extraordinary women who broke the mold and "proved men wrong" that women were NOT the weaker sex.

Light refreshments will be provided.