Our Mission

Sparta Historical Society, Inc. preserves our local arts, history and natural sciences while presenting their wonder to the community through diverse museum exhibits and educational programs.

To inspire the community to appreciate, support, and participate in preserving our local cultural and natural heritage.

Sparta Historical Society, Inc. is a non-profit corporation and shall be operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

Specific purposes of the Society shall be:

  • To foster an understanding and appreciation of the diverse natural and cultural heritage of Sparta and the surrounding area through educational programs;
  • To restore and preserve the Van Kirk Homestead as a Museum and open it for the enjoyment of future generations;
  • To encourage public support and maximize community volunteer participation in the preservation of Sparta‚Äôs legacy;
  • To develop and maintain special collections and diverse exhibitions relevant to historical, artistical, and natural trends and events affecting the region; and
  • To selectively accept donations of real or other property, money, and grants for facilitation of the above purposes.