Sparta Lenape School Program

hunting-gathering table games-entertainment table

On November 17, 2021 and November 19, 2021, Sparta Historical visited Reverend Brown and Mohawk School.  They prepared with the assistance of John Kraft, archaeologist, and topics chosen by Sparta public school teachers, a six-table program on games/entertainment, hunting/gathering, travel/transportation, trade/textile and homes.  

At Reverend Brown, the session was in assembly format beginning with guest Lenape Native American, Carla Messinger, from Allentown PA spoke about 40 minutes regarding her origins and culture.  Afterwards, Sparta Historical introduced their tables to 70 fourth graders.

At Mohawk School, the session was in class period format.  270 third grade social studies students arrived every 40 minutes to participate through each table subject manned by Sparta Historical volunteers.  Besides the topics mentioned above, there were additional tables on Lenape origin and their current whereabouts.